Security Analyst

Job description

For those up to the challenge, working at Proton Technologies is an exciting chance to join the fight for Internet privacy with one of Europe's highest-profile startups. We're looking for bright and highly motivated problem solvers to join our team of experts.

Proton has offices in Geneva, San Francisco, Vilnius, Skopje, Prague, Zurich, or employees working remotely around the world.

What You will do:

  • Maintain and enhance our security monitoring toolkit (SIEM, sensors, etc.)
  • Create, improve, and implement security detection techniques within our SIEM
  • Handle and respond to security alerts
  • Develop incident response plans and playbooks
  • Help us identify malicious activities within our network, which our current tools might not cover
  • Identify security risks within our infrastructure and help mitigate them
  • Work as part of a team to deploy and maintain secure and reliable network architecture as well as server/system security best practices
  • Promote IT security awareness and responsible user behavior across the company
  • Participate in business process documentation, metric reporting, and process automation
  • Advice and support the company in all security-related matters

Job requirements

  • Ability to work independently and in a group environment
  • Strong communication skills (must be fluent in English)
  • Strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of network security and system hardening (firewalls, system security, ACL, etc.)
  • Familiar with security best practices (CIS controls, etc.)
  • Knowledge of intrusion detection systems (IDS/IPS) and host intrusion detection systems (HIDS)
  • Understanding of networking technologies and related threat detection technologies
  • Familiar with commonly employed penetration tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Advanced Python (or similar) coding skills
  • Experience using the Elastic stack is a plus
  • An industry qualification from a recognized training provider is an asset
  • Believe in privacy :)

Why work at ProtonMail:

  • Our startup culture means everyone's opinion matters. You can make a significant impact
  • We work on new, challenging problems every day. There is never a dull moment
  • Our rapid growth means there are many opportunities for advancement
  • Do something meaningful. ProtonMail protects dissidents, journalists, and activists. Our work saves lives.
  • Lead the privacy revolution that is changing the world. Millions of people and businesses around the world have embraced our idea of an Internet where privacy and security are the default.

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