Data Center Infrastructure Computer Engineer

Job description

A better internet is possible, one that empowers people to choose how their personal information is used. This might seem daunting, or even impossible, but at Proton, building this better internet is what we do every day.

Proton was founded in 2014 by a group of scientists who met at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Our first product, ProtonMail, is now the world’s largest encrypted email service. Subsequent Proton products, such as ProtonVPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive, use end-to-end encryption that gives our users full control over how and with whom their data is shared.

Today, Proton is making privacy universally accessible to more than 50 million registered users, including journalists, some of the world’s largest organizations, and people in more than 180 countries. Our diverse and dynamic team is made up of more than 400 members representing over 30 different nationalities. While we are based in Geneva, Switzerland, we have offices in Zurich, Prague, London, Vilnius, Skopje, Taipei, and many more employees working remotely around the world.

New York Times journalists, some of the world’s largest corporations, and millions of ordinary citizens use our products so they can choose who, if anyone, sees their information. Join us at one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies to help us solve challenging problems and build new products that will reach hundreds of millions of people. We want to create more than just one of the world’s most impactful tech companies, we want to create a new internet that serves the interests of all people. We need you, your voice, your ideas, and your ambition to make it happen.

Purpose of the role

We operate our own private infrastructure, which is distributed across multiple data centers. This infrastructure, built primarily on open source technology, operates 24/7.

The Infrastructure Department is looking for a Computer Engineer to support our fast-growing company and report to the Head of Data Center and Hardware team. You will be responsible for ensuring our server fleet is fit for purpose and fit for use! To ensure this, you will also collaborate with engineering teams and SREs, and participate in the hardware procurement process.

What you will do

  • Collaborate with Infrastructure teams to support technical requirements and optimization.

  • Configure, troubleshoot, and tune hardware.

  • Manage firmware levels of various components of our server fleet.

  • Develop and maintain automatic hardware component monitoring/alerting and failure detection.

  • Develop and maintain hardware repair and recovery procedures.

  • Assist in the selection of servers and server components as part of the procurement process (e.g. perform performance benchmarks).

  • Maintain an overview of failure rates and be familiar with normal failure rates "in the wild".

  • Support on-site data center operations.

  • Participate in on-call rotation.

Job requirements

  • Degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science, with emphasis on computer architecture, or equivalent experience.
  • 4+ years of data center infrastructure or related experience.

  • Expertise in computer architecture: particularly modern server CPU, chipset, memory, high-speed communication interfaces, power supplies, and out-of-band management.

  • Knowledge of operating systems and deep familiarity with Linux.

  • 2+ years experience in Python and knowledge of C/C++.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • English professional working proficiency is mandatory.

Bonus points for

  • Experience with Linux performance tuning and linux drivers.

  • Experience with solid-state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) testing and benchmarking.

  • Experience in architecture performance analysis and optimization, analyzing workload performance and creating benchmarks.

  • Experience with deployment methodologies and technologies (e.g. CI/CD, Chef, Puppet, Ansible).

  • Experience with modern linux monitoring solutions (Prometheus, Collectd, Grafana, ELK Stack, etc.)

  • Knowledge of the current catalog of main server suppliers.

  • Familiarity and experience with ARM Architecture and GPUs.

Why you should join Proton

  • Be part of a movement - Proton is not just a product or service but a community-driven movement united by a shared vision of online freedom. Our services are open source, audited, and supported by community contributions. We give back to our community by maintaining core encryption libraries and by supporting other organizations furthering the same goals as us.
  • Work with smart and dedicated people - Our team is diverse, collaborative, and tight-knit with people coming from all walks of life, including many of the world’s top academic institutions and organizations, such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, Cambridge, and ETH.
  • Join a strong brand - Our encrypted email service - ProtonMail - has grown to be a staple of online security and privacy. Proton has been featured in multiple popular television and film productions, such as Mr. Robot, Knives Out, Sounds of Metal, and more.
  • Grow with us - We’re one of Europe’s fastest-growing startups, doubling in size every year. Our growth gives you limitless career and educational opportunities as well as the opportunity to work side-by-side with many world-leading experts in their fields.
  • Have your voice heard - We value your opinion and encourage you to speak up and share your ideas and thoughts. At Proton, no problem is someone else’s problem. We collectively strive to do the right thing and be the undisputed best in the world at everything we do.

Proton uses the Recruitee recruitment platform for a more effective hiring process and a better candidate experience. Your data will always be kept confidential and is not shared with any third parties. Keep in mind that you will receive emails from the email address or other addresses on the domain.

Proton does not accept unsolicited resumes from any sources other than directly from a candidate. Proton will not pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited offer, even in a situation when the relevant candidate is employed by Proton.