Corporate IT Team Lead

Job description

At Proton, we envision an internet where privacy is the default, and we’re building ways to help all people secure their digital lives and take control of their data. ProtonMail was founded in 2014 by a group of scientists who met at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). And since its inception, the company has grown at a fast pace and today has over 40 million users.

Our principal product, ProtonMail, is the world’s largest secure email service. Our second product, ProtonVPN, is one of the world’s most popular VPN services. Our vision is to build an internet platform for the protection of digital rights, and we are also developing additional products, including ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive, and more to come.

Our users include New York Times journalists, some of the world’s largest corporations, and millions of ordinary citizens. The world is adopting our products at an accelerating pace. Whether it’s in New York, or at the front lines of the global struggle for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, Belarus, and Myanmar, the work we do saves lives and is transforming the world. Our team is diverse and dynamic, representing over 30 different nationalities, with offices in Geneva, Zurich, Prague, London, Vilnius, Skopje, and Taipei, employing people around the world.

Proton is a mission driven company. We’re deeply committed to enabling freedom online and ensuring the internet serves the interests of all people. Our technologies provide trusted ways for people to be secure online and in control of their information at all times. The world is adopting our products at an accelerating pace. Help us bring it from tens of millions of users, to billions of users. We’re creating one of the world’s most impactful tech companies.

Purpose of the role

We operate our own storage infrastructure distributed across data centers throughout Switzerland and Germany. To ensure we meet Proton’s high security standards, we run and manage most of our corporate tools and services on our infrastructure.

As a member of Proton's Core Infrastructure team, you will be in charge of our corporate services. You will support Proton’s growth and provide a good working environment for all Proton employees by designing, implementing, and maintaining corporate tools and services that are secure, reliable, and scalable. You should have experience managing internal tools (collaboration tools, ERP, CRM, financial services, authentication tools, incident management tools, etc.). You will also be responsible for selecting new tools and services that best meet our needs and implementing them at scale.

What you will do

  • Lead the Corporate Team and ensure fruitful collaboration between the infra group and Proton employees
  • Define the business requirements, design solution, and implement service in the respect of the infrastructure constraints
  • Take ownership of running a Proof of Concept, conduct a Market survey, SWOT analysis, and write a proposal
  • Be the interface between the infrastructure team and Proton employees
  • Follow-up on incident and feature request with external partners
  • Give support to our end-users (infrastructure teams and, at a higher level, to all Proton employees)

Job requirements

  • Demonstrated knowledge of Linux
  • Proven experience with configuration management and automation (Puppet)
  • Scripting experience in Python and/or Bash
  • Experience using Web protocols and service daemons such as Apache, HAProxy, or Nginx (HTTP/ Cookies, etc.)
  • LDAP, SSO, access management solutions
  • Knowledge in multitier architecture, caching, indexing systems
  • Experience in security best practices for access management
  • Ability to keep up in an extremely fast-paced environment
  • Good communication skills in a multicultural environment
Bonus points for 
  • Multi datacenter / high availability architecture
  • Atlassian suites
  • Agile/SAFE//LESS practices
  • Basic network/security knowledge ( Iptables, VLANs, LACP, ACLs )

Why you should join Proton

  • We work on interesting, challenging problems every day. There is never a dull moment.

  • Our startup culture means everyone’s opinion matters. You can have a significant impact.

  • Our rapid growth means there are many opportunities for advancement.

  • The chance to do something meaningful. ProtonMail protects dissidents, journalists, and activists. Our work saves lives.

  • Be part of something bigger. Millions of people and businesses around the world have embraced our idea of an Internet where privacy and security are the default. Join the privacy revolution that is changing the world.

ProtonMail uses the Recruitee recruitment platform for a more effective hiring process and a better candidate experience. Your data will always be kept confidential and is not shared with any third parties. Keep in mind that you will receive emails from the email address or other addresses on the domain.

Proton does not accept unsolicited resumes from any sources other than directly from a candidate. Proton will not pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited offer, even in a situation when the relevant candidate is employed by Proton.